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Beneficial Reuse

When treated wastewater/effluent and biosolids are put to good use, rather than simply disposed of in a landfill, they are generally referred to as providing “Beneficial Reuse.” The treated wastewater/effluent, if clean enough, may be used to irrigate golf courses, baseball, softball and soccer fields, or similar public use areas. Using a wastewater treatment plant’s effluent for irrigation helps decrease demand on the potable water system (produced by Fayette Water System for PCWASA customers). Treatment plant wastewater/effluent is a better choice for irrigation because:

1. It is a sustainable, renewable resource.

2. It is less expensive to make than potable water.

3. It contains no chlorine.

4. It may contain small amounts of beneficial nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

5. It is less susceptible to drought conditions.

Treatment plant biosolids may be further processed into soil amendment products. Biosolids contain beneficial organics that can restore depleted soils to good health. Crops grown on those soils will be healthier, more robust and disease resistant. The added organics aid in maintaining an appropriate moisture balance in the soil, thereby decreasing the need for irrigation.