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FOG program

The purpose of the PCWASA Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) program is to assist in the prevention of sanitary sewer backups and overflows from occurring within the wastewater collection system through management of commercial and residential generated FOG. These FOG prevention management tasks are administered by the PCWASA Technical Support Coordinator, and the process includes plan review, installation approval, and inspection of grease traps, grease interceptors, oil-water separators, and sand interceptors.

The FOG Program at PCWASA ensures that restaurants, schools, hair salons, pet grooming salons, car wash facilities, automotive repair facilities, oil change facilities, etc. are in compliance with the PCWASA Sewer Use Ordinance.

In addition, the Technical Support Coordinator is responsible for educating the local public and PCWASA residential, commercial, and industrial customers about methods and practices for preventing FOG from entering into the wastewater collection system. 


PCWASA FOG Program Vision

To be an exemplary FOG management program that is in alignment with PCWASA’s strategic business priorities.


PCWASA FOG Program Mission

To ensure that FOG generators are in compliance with the Sewer Use Ordinance through proper grease trap/interceptor installations, accurate FOG inspections and adhere to established cleaning frequency schedules. In addition, educate the general public on commercial and residential grease problems.


PCWASA FOG Program Strategic Goals

  • Customer Service (Reliable, Quality, Value, Responsive)
  • Regulatory Compliance (Clean Water Act, Safety Compliance, State and Local)
  • Asset Management (Life Cycle Costs, Functional Design, Design for Maintenance, Business Case Evaluation)
  • Resource Management (Time, Money, Work Environment, Equipment)


Please check out below PCWASA's FOG Program History and other FOG education items under FOG Education Information:

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Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments concerning the PCWASA FOG Program, please contact Brandon Williams at (770) 487-7993 or bwilliams@pcwasa.org.