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The GIS (Geographic Information System) of the PCWASA provides a visual of sewer infrastructure and serves as a data repository for system assets. The GIS/Mapping Program has been established to create and interpret maps, maintain system maps and geo-databases, as well as review/digitize electronic as-built construction plans.


PCWASA GIS Program Vision

To have the most current geographic data information in the PCWASA GIS database.

To be a resource and collaborate with employees, customers, associates, and governing board members of PCWASA.

Work with the City of Peachtree City Government, Fayette County organizations, and other outside organizations on GIS projects and assignments.


PCWASA GIS Program Mission

To ensure that field assets and field data are in alignment with GIS maps with the most current information through quality and accuracy.

To facilitate, coordinate, and promote the effective development, sharing, and use of geographic information within PCWASA for the benefit of its employees, Authority Board members, associates, and citizens.

Continuously network with GIS and other program-related professionals to help build and enhance the PCWASA GIS program.


PCWASA GIS Program Strategic Goals

Process of aligning GIS implementation and operations with PCWASA’s business priorities.

Creating the long-term big picture for current and future plans of the PCWASA GIS program and its services to PCWASA’s internal and external customers.

Defining the role of GIS within PCWASA and its information technology architecture.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments concerning the PCWASA GIS Program, please contact Loren Yarbrough at (770) 487-7993 or lyarbrough@pcwasa.org.