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Like a needle in a haystack, a ring in a flower garden

Apr 9, 2012 by Dr. Chris Wood

The old cliché that it’s like “finding a needle in a haystack” was the first thing that came to mind when PCWASA officials received word that an Authority contractor found a lost wedding band of a customer during sewer line maintenance and rehabilitation work in her neighborhood.

One of the Authority’s recently completed sewer system capital projects involved the replacement of an eight-inch force main around Lift Station 8, which runs through the Shiloh neighborhood in Peachtree City. During that work, a crew member from Strack, Inc. Pipeline Contractors discovered a wedding ring while setting up cones and fencing near the front yard of an Authority customer, defying the odds that such a lost treasure would ever be found. The ring had been missing for more than a decade.

“I was moving stepping stones from her flower bed when I saw the ring,” says Cody Steele, a foreman with Strack who was taking every precaution to care for the homeowner’s property during the project. “She started crying when we told her we found the wedding band,” noting she quickly identified it as the original wedding ring belonging to her late husband, with the inscription still legible. It now resides in her home next to a picture of her beloved.

Not only did the PCWASA sewer line rehab work in the Shiloh neighborhood feature this feel good story, but it also featured the use of directional drilling that resulted in minimal disturbances to the properties of Authority customers. Thanks to Strack’s Advanced Trenchless Solutions (ATS), which was a major benefit of this capital improvement renewal and extension contract with PCWASA, rods are drilled underground and steered along the path where the new sewer line was being installed.

As a result, the PCWASA contractors didn’t have to dig trenches, which often destroy residential driveways or sidewalks, as well as gardens, flower beds, lawns, or anything else along the route, which then would have to be replaced or returned to their original condition. The Authority is happy to report for customers living in the Shiloh neighborhood – citing as evidence the grateful homeowner whose husband’s ring was found – that flower gardens and wedding bands are in their rightful place.

“The sewer line rehab work in the Shiloh neighborhood reflects how the Authority is committed to providing the very best services to our customers, utilizing innovations that save time, money, and additional resources,” says Stephen Hogan, PCWASA General Manager. “The use of trenchless pipe replacement and installation technology drastically reduced the costs of the construction, while resulting in nearly 25 percent savings in energy as well.”

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