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Long-term planning by the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority (PCWASA) is critical to the ongoing operational and financial health of the utility.  The Authority's planning is divided into two major points of emphasis -- the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Rehabilitation or what is sometimes referred to as the Renewal and Replacement of Assets.

In order to plan system upgrades and improvements (renewal or replacement of the old and addition of new infrastructure), the PCWASA staff goes to great lengths to evaluate the existing condition of collection and conveyance (the smaller lines of the system), force mains (the larger sewer lines) and pump stations, as well as the wasteater treatment facilities (the two water reclamation facilities).  Evaluation includes ongoing annual contracts for closed-circuit televising (CCTV) services, as well as a contract for robotics technology to gather data of the entire system (collection lines and force mains) of the entire system, quickly and cost-effectively.  These two data gathering methods are not only critical for implementation of capital improvements and rehabilitation, but these technologies are among the most advanced available in the industry.