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Public Information

Public information generated by PCWASA is intended to increase customer and stakeholder awareness of and involvement in the operations and mission of the Authority in the community.  Public information tools include news and notices that are disseminated to local media, direct communication distributed to our customers and stakeholders, special events of the industry and community, as well as Web and other digital and/or social media platforms advanced by innovations of the Internet.

Public information also includes those documents and records of the Authority that are open and available to the public, especially PCWASA customers.  PCWASA is an independent, autonomous governmental entity that operates according to the letter and spirit of the open meetings and open records laws of the state.  Available to the public on this Web site are the minutes of the regular PCWASA board meetings and related documents relevant to policies and procedures enacted by the members of the PCWASA Board of Directors, which are executed by the management and staff of the Authority.

Also included within these public information resources of PCWASA are public education materials that are intended to educate the public on the issues and developments of the water and sewer industry, as well as those topics specific to the system and operations at PCWASA.