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Rehab Projects

PCWASA officials continually are involved in directing and overseeing the rehabilitation of aging assets.  Rehab work refers to the renewal and replacement of infrastructure, or the extension of the life expectancy of facilities, including the wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, force mains and sewer lines, and other budgeted line items.

During this past fiscal year, the Authority invested nearly $400,000 in the rehabilitation of existing structures.  Rehab work typically begins with an assessment of the conditions of every functioning portion of the infrastructure.  Ongoing maintenance also is critical to assuring operations and facilities perform without disruption of sewer collection or treatment services for PCWASA customers.  Following routine maintenance and continual assessments of the condition of assets, Authority officials protect the integrity and functionality of the PCWASA sewer system by planning, budgeting, and implementing a rehabilitation program efficiently and cost effectively.

Currently, PCWASA officials have one major contract that is directly related to conditional assessments of sewer infrastructure -- a necessary precursor for planning, funding, and executing rehab projects.  A contract with RedZone Robotics (the use of Robotics to gather real-time data on the condition of infrastructure) will help PCWASA maintenance personnel locate points of the system that require rehabilitation.

As the Authority pursues rehabilitation projects, we will provide updates on this page or via the news and announcements of this Web site.