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Billing Process

Fayette Water System provides the billing services, while overseeing the administration of monthly invoices and customer service inquiry, on behalf of PCWASA.

Fayette County bills its customers, including those in Peachtree City who are provided sewer services through PCWASA, via eight cycles each month, with billing dates varying slightly each time.  Please note the due date each month, as payments must be received in the office of the Fayette Water System by this due date to avoid a late charge, or in worse cases, service interruption.

Payments can be made by mail to the Fayette Water System Business Office, located at 245 McDonough Road in Fayetteville, or at drop boxes located at the Regions Bank locations at Crosstown Road and Kedron Drive in Peachtree City.

The billing process begins with meter readings by technicians from Fayette Water System, who take monthly readings of your water meter via radio read technologies.  That data is then uploaded to respective customer accounts by the Water System's Billing Operations.  Finally, customer service representatives at Fayette Water System answer questions concerning customer bills, meter readings, or services provided.  The Customer Service Department at Fayette Water System also is responsible for signing up new customers to the system or removing customers from the system once their accounts are inactive.

The Business Office at Fayette Water System is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  For more information or customer service assistance from Fayette Water System, contact customer service representatives at 770-461-1146 during normal business hours or at 770-487-3271 after hours or in the event of an emergency.