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Wastewater Haulers

Commercial FOG Generators within Peachtree City are required to have their grease traps/interceptors cleaned by a Georgia-Approved Commercial Waste Hauler. To obtain a current Georgia-Approved Commercial Waste Hauler List, please see Georgia Registered and Inspected Commercial Transporters.

FOG truck inspections are currently not performed by the Authority. However, the City of Griffin is the Authority's Commercial Waste Transporter Inspection Designee.  Waste hauler trucks must be registered by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) and inspected by a participating municipality or local governing authority (LGA) within the state of Georgia to pump and dispose of FOG. To obtain more information on truck registration or truck inspection, please visit https://www.southeasternfogalliance.org/waste-transporter.html.

Listed below is other important Commercial Waste Transporter information: 

Official CODE of Georgia - Commercial Waste Transporter Law (12-15-21.)

Regulation of Commercial Waste Originators, Pumpers, Transporters, Processors, and Disposal Facilities (Rules and Regulations for Water Quality Control, Chapter 391-3-6.24, Revised - November 2005, Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Environmental Protection Division)

If you have any questions or comments concerning Commercial Wastewater Hauler information, please contact Larry McNeil at (770) 487-7993, or lmcneil@pcwasa.org.