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Wastewater Treatment

The wastewater treatment processes of the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority (PCWASA) have been designed to treat domestic, commercial and industrial discharges from Peachtree City residents, businesses and industries, which are connected to the Authority's collection and conveyance system.

The wastewater flow from PCWASA customers passes through the system's splitter box prior to treatment in one of two facilities.  The splitter box provides the Authority with the flexibility to designate which one of the Authority's two wastewater treatment facilities will handle how much flow.  Such flexibility benefits PCWASA customers, especially during periods of peak demand or occasions when one of the treatment facilities must be taken off line for maintenance.

Once wastewater enters one of the two PCWASA treatment facilities, it is screened to remove non-biodegradable materials, such as plastic, paper, etc.  The waste stream then flows to a grit collection mechanism to further remove non-biodegradable substances, such as sand or rocks, which could be harmful to equipment.  From there, the wastewater enters the activated sludge treatment process. 

During this phase of treatment, the pollutants in the wastewater are brought into contact with an activated organism population that is ready to consume the pollutants in the waste stream.  This part of the treatment scheme requires some sort of aeration and mixing to keep the organisms alive and to bring the pollutants into contact with the organisms.  After enough contact time has elapsed, the mixing subsides and the solids (organisms) and the cleaned (waste) water are separated by gravity.  The water then flows through a filtering mechanism and onto disinfection.  PCWASA also uses ultra violet light for further disinfection of the wastewater, prior to discharge into the receiving stream (Line Creek, for example) or into the storage pond for irrigation.