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The solids that are left behind in the conventional PCWASA wastewater treatment processes, after the wastewater/effluent is discharged, are called biosolids or sludge. At PCWASA facilities, the Authority processes the liquid biosolids into a cake-like material by pressing or dewatering the solids through a belt press machine. The liquid biosolids are mixed with a polymer agent that pulls the solids together and pushes out the water. This mixture then is put on a gravity belt to allow the water to drain off even more. Then, the solids are pressed between two belts to further reduce the amount of water in the solid material. The cake material that is discharged from the belt press is typically only around 14% solids. This cake is then loaded onto a truck and taken to the drying facility. There, the solids are loaded into the dryer and heated to reduce the moisture content of the material to less than 10%. This process converts the biosolids into a stable and pathogen free material that is rich in micronutrients and organic matter for use as a soil amender (fertilizer).