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The Fayette County Water System provides drinking water for Peachtree City customers, and also bills all Authority customers for both water and sewer on a monthly basis. For any billing inquiries, please contact the Fayette County Water System at (770) 461-1146, extension 5.

The Customer Service Department at the Fayette County Water System is also responsible for signing up new customers or removing customers from the system once their accounts are inactive.

The Fayette County Water System webpage will provide more information on billing policies and procedures.

All requests for qualifying adjustments must be submitted to the Authority by email to  Please include all required supporting documentation with the request.


Hidden Leak – A hidden leak is defined as an underground leak between the water meter and the house. This type of leak is normally discovered when a monthly water bill includes a spike in usage.  When a customer provides written documentation that a hidden leak was repaired, the customer’s sewer charges may be reduced to an average of the past six months.  This type of credit will only apply to hidden leaks that clearly do not enter the sewer system.  A hidden leak credit will only be allowed once per year and applied to a maximum of two billing cycles to cover the leak discovery and repair.  The customer must provide a written description of the incident and documentation of the repair.

Swimming Pool – A sewer credit is allowed when filling a newly constructed pool or when refilling a pool that has been drained to facilitate a repair.  When a customer provides written documentation that a swimming pool has been filled from the internal plumbing system, a credit may be issued for the volume used to fill the pool.  The customer must provide the dimensions of the pool, the volume that was filled, and the dates the pool was filled.  The maximum credit allowed may not exceed the difference between the actual usage for the month of the pool fill and the previous three month average.  Customers may receive one pool credit per twelve month period.  Credit is not available for the addition of makeup water due to normal routine maintenance.

General Lawn Watering and Irrigation Systems – Consistent with regional water conservation guidelines, Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority does not give a sewer credit for outdoor water use which includes the installation or re-establishment of sod and/or landscaping.  The Authority recovers the costs of the extensive wastewater system by billing wastewater equal to metered water use.  Outdoor irrigation is a discretionary use of water and water for that purpose is unrecoverable for future use.  In addition, equipment malfunction that may result in lawn irrigation does not qualify for an adjustment.  The Authority takes no position on the use of second water meters for irrigation since this is in the purview of the Fayette County Water System.

Toilet Leak – A toilet leak is not eligible for a sewer credit.  Maintenance of a home water system is essential in order to prevent water loss and excessive water and sewer bills.  The primary cause of a toilet leak is a malfunctioning or damaged flapper. Water loss from a toilet leak enters the sewer system and requires treatment at the plant; therefore, it is not eligible for a sewer adjustment.

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