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    The Authority currently enjoys a AAA Class bond rating. Our financial records have been audited as of September 30, 2021 and an unmodified audit report was issued by Mauldin and Jenkins, CPA & Advisors. The Authority is a component unit of the City of Peachtree City. The Authority’s Financial Report is comprised of financial statements and a narrative overview and analysis of the Authority’s financial activities for the fiscal year ending in September.

    Financial Statement FY 2021

    Financial Statement FY 2020

    Financial Statement FY 2019

    Financial Statement FY 2018

    Financial Statement FY 2017

    Financial Statement FY 2016

    Financial Statement FY 2015

    Wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure requires continual maintenance and replacement due to the caustic nature of sanitary sewage. Long-term planning is therefore necessary for the ongoing operational and financial health of the utility. The Authority’s planning is divided into two major points of emphasis — the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Rehabilitation or what is sometimes referred to as the Renewal and Replacement of Assets.

    In order to plan system upgrades and improvements (renewal or replacement of the old and addition of new infrastructure), Authority staff goes to great lengths to evaluate the existing condition of collection and conveyance (the smaller lines of the system), force mains (the larger sewer lines) and pump stations, as well as the wastewater treatment facilities (the two water reclamation facilities).


    The Authority maintains a multi-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) which provides a roadmap for the Authority to plan for long-term capital needs. Typical CIP expenditures are categorized as corrective measures, system repairs, system upgrades such as advancements to pump stations and sewer lines, and maintenance and upgrades for the Rockaway and Larry B. Turner/Line Creek wastewater treatment plants.

    Please refer to the FY 2023 Operating Budget for a listing of planned CIP projects.

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