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The Plan Review process of the Authority is a cursory review of proposed sewer mains and other infrastructure for compliance with the Authority’s specifications. This is a general review in accordance with local ordinances and guidelines, and does not relieve the Engineer of Record and/or the Owner/Developer from any liability or responsibilities of meeting the Authority’s Sewer Ordinance, City Ordinances, and State or Federal Laws.

For all sewer service requests, the Authority will determine if adequate wastewater collection and treatment capacities are available for any proposed development. The plan review and inspection fee for each project is $2.25 per foot of public gravity sewer. Engineers and developers are highly encouraged to schedule a pre-design meeting with the Authority prior to plan submittal.

The Authority issues sanitary sewer permits for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings upon a complete plan review and capacity analysis. A sanitary sewer connection permit issued by the Authority is required in order to process Peachtree City Building permit applications. Permits will be issued once plans have been reviewed and approved, and once sewer connection fees have been paid. For any development requiring an extension to the public gravity sewer system, permits will be issued upon the acceptance and warranty of sewer and receipt of payment for the sewer connection fee.

All public sanitary sewers must be approved and inspected by Authority officials. An inspection of sewer, which will include video inspection and an air pressure test and mandrel, will be scheduled for all projects requiring an extension to the public gravity sewer system. Commercial inspections will be scheduled as needed for tap inspections. All inspections will be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. However, the Authority reserves the right to perform random on-site inspections during the construction process.

All sanitary sewer work that will involve any encroachment into a Georgia Department of Transportation right-of-way will require submission of a permit to the Georgia Utilities Permitting System (GUPS).


As-Built Drawings Checklist

For all areas except the Wynnmeade/Wilksmoor Service Area:

  • Sewer connection fee is $1,750 per Equivalent Residential Connection (ERC)


For the Wynnmeade/Wilksmoor Service Area:

  • Connection fee for single family residential unit is $2,250 per ERC
  • Connection fee for all other users, including apartments, commercial or industrial is $3,050 per ERC


Please use the Flow Estimation Table when calculating any sewer flows and/or connection fees. The table can be found in the PCWASA Standards and Specifications, Section 2 – Design Requirements ( Average Daily Flow Rates).


Note: An ERC is considered to be equivalent to 300 gallons per day (GPD).  ERC’s shall be based on the estimated average daily flow table from the project divided by 300 GPD.

Utility location is necessary so that excavating contractors will know where Authority sewer mains and collection lines lie, so as not to damage them and to provide notation of plans in the design phase. The Authority works in conjunction with the Georgia Utilities Protection Center (UPC) to respond to contractors and the general public’s request for utility location. The Georgia UPC can be reached by dialing 811 or 1 (800) 282-7411.

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