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Customer Service

One of the primary missions of PCWASA, in addition to maintaining and improving a top-flight sewer system for the citizens of Peachtree City, is to provide outstanding, responsive and attentive customer service to its more than 10,000 fee paying stakeholders.

Customer service provided by the employees of PCWASA is limited, however, to the Authority's oversight of the sewer collection, conveyance, and treatment system for Peachtree City citizens.  The Authority provides customer assistance or service in the field to keep sewer services up and running and uninterrupted on behalf of its customrs.  Thus, questions or concerns about the performance of the PCWASA system should be directed to the Authority.

Customer service resposibilities on matters of billing, rate calculations, payment options, etc. are handled by the Fayette Water System -- the utility providing finished drinking water and related water services for Peachtree City customers.  PCWASA has an annual billing contract with Fayette Water System that authorizes the water utility to handle all billing and account services for the Authority.  Thus, the sewer collection, conveyance, and treatment services for Peachtree City citizens are provided by PCWASA, while the bills for these sewer services are processed by Fayette Water System.

For PCWASA customers, your sewer services are provided by our Authority, your drinking water/water services are provided by Fayette Water System, while your monthly bill for both is processed and handled also by Fayette County's water utility.